Business Technology-as-a-Service

Great technology increases efficiency, competitiveness and growth potential.

LAUNCHNET is unique because we combine technology expertise with an understanding of the challenges faced by today’s companies. We can help you architect and implement intelligent solutions that grow with your business and contribute to your success. We serve clients in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing and professional services.

Cloud Services

    PRIVATE CLOUD Enjoy the benefits of cloud computing (scalability, efficiency, backup) without the loss of privacy and unexpected downtime. LAUNCHNET can deploy virtualized cloud services for computing, storage and networking. Keep your critical data on-site or in your data-center of choice.


      Virtualization and Storage Solutions for Professional Services Virtualization means your systems are relying on one piece of hardware to stay online. Virtualization allows fast and cost-effective deployment of the systems you need to run your business. When used to its full potential, server virtualization offers automated failover and fault tolerance, significant scalability, simplified backups, faster recovery, performance optimization, and multi-site disaster recovery capabilities. LAUNCHNET has extensive expertise in hardware virtualization solutions from Microsoft and VMware and in software virtualization technologies like Parallels and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. We have the toolbox to build customized virtual platforms for professional service providers anywhere in the Greater DC area.

      Bring Your Own Device

        Cloud Based phone systems provide support for voicemail to email, inbound fax to email conversion, and cost-saving SIP trunks that can be run side by side with traditional phone lines. You can even make calls from your office lines using only your laptop or tablet in the airport, allowing you to delight your clients from anywhere. Open support for numerous handset, conference, and video phone brands gives all manufacturers the best phone service choices available

        Data Management

          LAUNCHNET provides state-of-the-art data centers and colocation services for professional service companies that are designed to provide maximum uptime, reliability, security, and longevity. Our solutions use managed temperature and humidity controls, redundant conditioned power sources, onsite backup power generation, and strong physical and operational controls. Our strong operational controls have allowed LAUNCHNET to deliver a true 99.999% uptime for 5 years running with greater than 3 consecutive years of zero operational downtime. Our care and dedication to our colocation and data center services means that you’re getting the most efficient solution possible – which means you can focus on making sure your customers are, too.

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          Disaster Preparedness

            We have a business continuity solution that will quickly reestablish your network and your data and have your employees productive in a timely fashion. It operates automatically in the background and can back up your data as frequently as every 15 minutes. For smaller issues, files can be restored typically in about a half-hour and for more major ones, we have virtual servers that can resume operations until these issues are resolved. We also have remote server backup services to keep your files and data safe and secure.

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            Server Management

              Our software continually operates in the background and tracks and analyzes your server activity so that when a system or operation fails, an alert is generated and our team can immediately investigate the issue. Once the problem has been identified, we begin by trying to resolve the issue remotely at first and then escalate the issue if required.

              Support and Helpdesk

                Our software also monitors desktops in the background and proactively addresses common problems experienced by desktop users. It can install needed patches, handle viruses and spyware issues and all issues unobtrusively so that employees are unaware of the process and remain productive.


                  Our managed services also generate reports on the state of your Business Technology systems so that you become aware of any problems that fall outside the parameters which we have determined that guarantee the safety of your network. These comprehensive assessments provide you with the information you need for selecting those options which will return your system to a secure status.

                  Remote Monitoring

                    Our intelligent remote monitoring tools and around-the-clock back-office services provide expert, cost -effective Business Technology management to make sure your systems operate as required and deliver the return on investment that you expected.