Business Technology Forensics & Auditing

Keep the money you earn, don't waste it on unnecessary services and equipment

LAUNCHNET takes a deep dive into your entire Business Technology infrastructure and discovers areas where your company may reduce unnecessary expenditures. Many companies are sold expensive services and technologies because their internal Business Technology staff lacks the proper skills and experience to implement the necessary Business Technology architecture to keep your systems running smoothly. LAUNCHNET identifies these areas and creates a plan to re-architect your Business Technology infrastructure. This will not only save your company money, but it will also centralize your systems and stabalize your environment.

Telecom Auditing

    Telecom bills are very complicated for a reason: They want to confuse you so you end up paying for services your company doesn't use. LAUNCHNET identifies these unused or unnecessary services and begins the termination process. In addition, telcom companies will sell you on many services you don't need. Let us help you keep the money you earn.

    Network Equipemnt

      Do you have intermitent connection issues? The most common culprits are wire loop backs and improper setup of your routers, switches, and Firewalls. Let us diagnose the problem and solve these frustrating issues.

      Money Saving Solutions

        Once we've identified your Business Technology waste, we propose money saving solutions. We've saved many of our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per year just by simplifing their Business Technology infrastructure. By simplifing, we don't mean giving up anything. You'll be gaining better network connectivity, cleaner telecom spend, and an extremely efficient Business Technology environment.