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Who we are? Innovative LaunchNet Team

LAUNCHNET was founded in 1997 as a local dial-up Internet Service Provider and grew into a nationwide DSL and hosting provider servicing thousands of businesses and individuals. When the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier's moved to dissolve DSL services accross the country, LAUNCHNET changed direction to become one of the Premier Business Technology management companies in the Sacramento area. The value LAUNCHNET provides our clients is our vast amount of experience in working with technology and implementing proven systems that enable companies to operate as efficient as possible. Through services such as the remote monitoring and management of servers, networking devices, storage systems, email servers, PC endpoints and security appliances, LaunchNet enables our customers to redirect precious resources to other revenue producing activities..

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Core features of LAUNCHNET

Our vision

Smooth and efficient IT systems are essential for helping Providers maximize their growing business. LAUNCHNET has helped dozens of companies thrive with scalable IT solutions. after all, providing high quality professional services means focusing on the customer, not on solving IT problems. At LAUNCHNET, we take pride in providing comprehensive IT solutions for professional service companies that are optimized to provide peak performance. That means that your IT needs are taken care of, so you’re free to focus on creating the best experience for your clients. Let us handle any of your IT service needs as your true technology partner.

Our Mission

Our mission for your Information Technology is to provide strategic vision, leadership, and enterprise solutions to your team so they can meet their goals, deliver results, and enhance the company’s position.

Our Methodology

LAUNCHNET has a reputation for expenditures you can count on, top notch support, and the utmost in reliability and trustworthiness. Check out the information below to learn more about our proven process for solving your IT problems and keeping your company on a firm foundation for the future.


Technology Review & Requirements

We start with a technology review or audit to assess the status of your current hardware, software and services so we can better understand your current situation and your plans for the future. Then we build a requirements matrix to inventory the features you absolutely require and those you would like to have. This ensures that the solution we propose leverages your previous IT investments and meets the needs of your organization moving forward.

Design New Solutions

We stay current on changes in the industry and new product offerings so we can help you decide which tools, services and technologies will be the most beneficial to you. We propose new infrastructures or upgrades based on your existing infrastructure, your project budget, the current needs of your organization, and your expectations for future expansion.

Procure & Deploy New Technology

Once you approve the project, LAUNCHNET procures the equipment, install it at your site, customizes the implementation and trains your personnel on its use. Our project management tools are clear and straightforward so that your technical support staff can work directly with your end-users. This ensures your team is informed, prepared and engaged during the migration process, with little to no downtime and no loss in data or functionality.


Remote Monitoring & Management

Our Managed Services run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and include real-time remote monitoring and management so we can take care of your network and infrastructure without disruption to your daily operations. We automatically detect and resolve routine issues and quietly cleanup and patch your software as required. Should you encounter more serious problems, such as a hardware failure, security breach or virus, our technicians will respond immediately to fix the problem by either coming onsite or by remote management.

Remote & Onsite Mainenance

When you put off routine maintenance, minor issues can escalate into catastrophic failures, resulting in costly downtime and possible loss of data. At LAUNCHNET, our Managed Service program keeps all your IT services running smoothly. We will proactively test, service and upgrade your infrastructure to keep it protected from intrusions, conflicts and wear.

Support & Helpdesk

Our Managed Service program includes comprehensive phone and email support during business hours and emergency service for nights and weekends so that your administrators and end-users will get timely answers to their technical problems. Most importantly, when you contact LAUNCHNET, you talk with an experienced and knowledgeable technician based in our Modesto office, who thoroughly understands your technology and business needs.


System and Network Administrator

Location: Rocklin, CA

Background: Master's Degree in Information Technology or rel. 2 Years Experience in job offered or rel.

Resume: G Magnuson, 3111 Sunset Blvd., Suite T, Rocklin, CA 95677