Business Technology Services designed for Healthcare Professionals

Scalable, Reliable, and Cost Effective

The Premier Business Technology Provider for Sutter Independent Physicians and Sutter Community Connect.

LAUNCHNET manages, maintains, and builds the Business Technology Infrastructure for many of the largest SIP providers in the area. Weather you are a single site or multi-site office, we have a solution that's right for you. With over 5 years experience working with the largest SIP providers, we've figured out what is required to run your practice's Infrastructure as stable and efficient and possible.

We take pride in providing comprehensive Business Technology solutions that facilitate those needs and allow healthcare providers to serve their patients better than ever before. After all, being a medical service provider means focusing on patient care. It shouldn’t mean being distracted by Business Technology system issues and maintenance. Let us handle all of your medical Business Technology service needs as your true technology partner.

HIPAA Compliant Data Management

    One of the most important components of medical Business Technology services is ensuring that data storage and management is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance means more than simply requiring a password to access data. It has to do with data encryption, the flow of data, and sharing data in encrypted levels and layers that then need to be audited themselves. At LAUNCHNET, we’re experts in ensuring that your patients’ data is protected, and we’re honored to partner with medical professionals to provide fully HIPAA compliant data management services.

    Managed Cloud Service Provider for Healthcare Professionals

      Scalable, economic network structures are increasingly in demand in the dynamic healthcare industry. At LAUNCHNET, we provide managed cloud services that include private, semi-private, onsite, offsite, and hybrid designs to best meet your needs. Let us analyze, customize, and deploy the solution that will work for you – from private cloud services to virtual servers to cloud-based storage backup and disaster recovery.

      Virtualization and Storage Solutions for Medical Professionals

        Virtualization means you never have to rely on a single piece of hardware again. Virtualization enables faster and more cost effective deployment of new applications and redundancy so you never go down. When used to its fullest capacity, server virtualization provides automated failover and fault tolerance, significant scalability, simplified backups, faster recovery, performance optimization, and multi-site disaster recovery capabilities. LAUNCHNET has extensive expertise inhardware virtualization solutions from Microsoft and VMware, and software virtualization technologies like Parallels and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. We have the toolbox to build customized virtual platforms for healthcare providers anywhere in the California area.