Missing 1958 Santa Maria High School Classmates

From Gordon "The Grim Reaper" Langenbeck, aka Sherlock Holmes, aka Jack Webb, aka Inspector Gadget
Listed below are the folks I have been unable to find.  If you have any bit of information that may lead me to them please e-mail me at 
or call me at 541-479-0851 or mail to 2320 SE Wyndham Way, Grants Pass, OR 97527

Ernesto Alejo:  Almost certain he is in the Guadalupe or Arroyo Grande area.  Last address was in Guadalupe and had a bad phone number there and in Arroyo Grande.

Shirley Bohl: Last address was in Florida. FOUND in Atwater, CA

Robert L. Butler:  FOUND in East Wenatchee, WA.

Claudine Cexton:  FOUND in Kneeland, CA.

Ed Clark: In 1988 he resided in Santa Maria. FOUND in Santa Maria, CA
I had called his Santa Maria number about two weeks ago and today I got a voice mail that I had the right guy.  Guess he spends his time between FL and Santa Maria. 

Patsy Cleeton:  Absolutely nothing

John Dell:  Absolutely nothing

Richard Emery: DECEASED

Nancy C. Flint: In looking through the ten year reunion book there is a Nancy C. Flint (Scott) born on 6/8/1940.  She was married to a Stephan M. Scott from Sep. 62 until a divorce in Dec 77.  I canít find her in my spy systems but I can locate the ex-husband in Marin County.
Four hours later... FOUND in Walnut Creek, CA   Solved this one by looking for a CA birth of Scott/Flint and found one.  Located the daughter in LA and she gave me her motherís information.  Called Nancyís number but got a recording.

Bill Grig: FOUND in Wellton, AZ. This was a tough one! Was able to find his marriage record and from that found out he had a son in Santa Maria but also an unlisted number.  Then checked Ancestry.com and the SS Death Indexes.  Of all places found a William Grigg in Classmates.com that said he was 68 and had addresses in Santa Maria and Wellton, AZ.  Then went to the Wellton, AZ white pages and found the number.  Talked to I presume the wife and confirmed it was him.

Chuck Haas: FOUND in Warsaw, MO.  

Gordon Hall: Need some help on this one.  He married a Virginia McMartin in 1968 in Santa Barbara County.  They had a son named Christopher S. Hall in 1969.  The son lives in Ridgecrest, CA with no listed phone number.  Gordon is not in the SS Death Index and I can not find him or his wife in any of my spy systems.   
Am 99% sure I have found him with no phone number or no address.  There is a Gordon J. Hall, 68 , living in San Diego with the names Virginia (his wife) and Christopher S. (son) associated with him.  Do a GOOGLE search on Gordon J. Hall and be amazed at how many there are!

Margaret Howell: Absolutely nothing

Robert Jiminez:  FOUND in Santa Maria, CA... Thanks Shelia Zierman

Jerry Jo Kaba: Absolutely nothing

Annella Jo Kelly:  Absolutely nothing  

John A. Kudron: FOUND in Oroville, WA

William J. Lapp:  Moved to Central Valley and got in a terrible wreck.  I have located a William J. Lapp 67, at 633 Brizzolara St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 but no phone number or confirmation this is the right guy.

Joyce Ellen Martin: Absolutely nothing

Janice Carole McCoy:  FOUND in Santa Maria, CA; Remarried.

Frances Louise McNutt: Born 5 July 1940.  Divorced Charles C. Ellis in Jul 1971 in Mendocino County and then divorced Pedro M. Mendoza in Feb 1973 also in Mendocino County.  From the Ellis marriage had two children:  Carl C. Ellis born 24 Nov 1968 in Los Angeles County and Mary L. Ellis born 11 Nov 1969 in Sonoma County.  In 1977 she married Richard A. White in Mendocino County.  Found a Richard A. White, 68, living in Willits (Mendocino County). FOUND  Actually talked to her about five minutes ago.  They have sold the place in Willits and are traveling the US in an RV.  She was in Idaho when I talked to her.  

Jim Meagher:  FOUND in Santa Maria, CA

Carolyn Miller LaBar:  FOUND in Escondido, CA

Tony B. Murillo:  FOUND in Santa Maria, CA

Sueko Nakamatus:  Married a Chandler and last valid address was Gardena, CA.  My spy system now tells me she lives in Newhall, CA but no phone or address. Through the CA birth index I have been able to find that Sueko and her husband had a boy named Jerry M. Chandler who was born in 1976.  After that the trail goes cold.

Jeanne Marcelle Poe: Absolutely nothing

Carlos Ramirez: Think he is still in Santa Maria area  

Curtis Reid: Absolutely nothing. Think I have found him.  Curtis L. Reid, born 25 March 1940.  Found a woman, presumed wife, associated with his name, and then found her phone number but not his in Titusville, FL. Called the number in Titusville, FL this A.M.  The guy who answered the phone said he though he was dead.  Finally went to the Social Security Death Records and found a Curtis Reid, born 25 Mar 1940 in California who died 12 Nov 2005. Would like to have harder evidence but for now will add him to the RIP file.

Claudia Smith: Married to Frank Clinton Gilbert in LA County on 24 Oct 1975.  Have located a Frank C. Gilbert, correct age, in Arroyo Grande, CA.  Called today and left a message. 

Marilyn Alma Talley: Absolutely nothing

Betty Ann Teel:  Originally married to Pat Marlett.  Had a son named Daniel born in 1959 but she remarried and new husband adopted son so canít track him.  Am told she worked for several years in the office of Scolariís Market in the Santa Maria area.

John Timberlake: DECEASED

Josephine Ugsang: Was married to a William Robinson living in Nipomo at last count.; Found in Nipomo, CA  

Ann VanCleave: I donít remember when she left.  I can find nothing about her in my spy systems.

Erlene Kay Vartanian: FOUND in Fresno, CA. Married to a Edgar Dale Nickell and lives in Fresno, CA

Richard Villegas: FOUND in Nipomo, CA... Thanks Keith Baker

Leonard Wehrli:  At one time was working in the oil fields near San Ardo, CA