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Joan Yangibashi let us know that Beverly Valenzuela is living in Monrovia CA.
Bev has been on our Trauant List for quite some time. Thanks Joan!


Pioneer Picnic in Santa Maria
August 9, 2014

Class of 58 Table

Sally arrived at the picnic grounds at 6AM to reserve us a table; Front Row Center!

Norma Burrage, Barbara Borges, Sally Fesler, Marita Neigermann, Judy Huston, Susie Holbrook

Suzi Verdago, Glenn Battles, Nancy, Marita,
Rosalee Vertrees

Norma, Barbara, George Sigala

Suzi, Glenn, Janice Barca, Susan Carroll

Sally & Jan

Nancy, Trina Munk Davis, Gene Davis, Judy, Susan, Suzi

Barbara, Norma, Sally

Charlie & Rosalee

Marita, Judy Nancy, Susan, Suzi

Sally, Marita, Judy, Susie Holbrook Byde, John Byde,
Nancy Pawlowski, Hal Pray, Edith Calderon Pray

Sally & Charlie


Norio Minami and daughter Kristen.