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Jeanie Baker Lapp

Who ever was responsible for finding Billy Lapp, Thank You is not enough.
I am Jeanie Baker Lapp, class of 59 and was married to Tom E. Lapp class of 57.
Since Tom's mom passed away in 1998 we have not had any word about Billy. He and Tom were cousins and lived next door to each other on Orange Street. We haven't seen him for over 25 years.
Thanks to Bob Butler, this e-mail regarding your reunion was forwarded to me. Thanksgiving I came to Santa Maria, and was able to find Billy at his new residence and had a long visit with him.
I said Billy, it's Jeanie Lapp, He laughed an said don't you mean "Jeanie Baker".  He asked me so many questions about school friends he remembers, he'd say, "Do you remember ____" and I'd pass on what info I had.
Those of you who were close to Billy at SMH, he'd love to have a visit.
Some of you may have seen Tom's obituary in the Santa Maria Times, he passed away 9-17-13 on our 53rd wedding anniversary.
Again to the one who did all the research, thank you so much, and Bob Butler, thank you getting this forwarded to me. Jeanie

Gordon Langenbeck is the one who did all the research and made all the phone calls necessary to find Bill Lapp. See Chat note for 09/08/2013 further down this page.

Freddie Krause

To many of my O'l High School Friends,

I want to wish all of you a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year".
And I hope that we will all still be around for our 60th reunion in 2018.
I am planning on it, HOW ABOUT YOU??

Bob McCutcheon
1926 - 2013

Bob McCutcheon, seen here at the Allan Hancock Joe White Memorial dinner on Aug. 20, 2011, died Saturday at the age of 87. McCutcheon was a legendary basketball player and coach. He led the Hancock College men's team to a state championship and won a CIF title with the Santa Maria High School team in 1957.

Legendary Hancock College men’s basketball coach Bob McCutcheon passed away Saturday at the age of 87.

McCutcheon led the Bulldogs to the 1974 state championship — the college’s second California state junior college basketball championship.

McCutcheon also won a CIF championship as the coach of the Santa Maria High School boys team in 1957. He coached future UCLA star Steve Patterson and future AHC head coach Bob White while leading the Saints.

Before that, McCutcheon was an All-Conference player in both 1948 and 1949 while playing for UCSB and later — after graduating from UCSB in 1950 — was a star center and forward of the equally legendary Santa Maria Golden Dukes.

“I was just playing at UCSB. The Dukes had a team my senior year. We came up and played them,” McCutcheon told the Santa Maria Times in a 2005 interview. “When I graduated, they got me a coaching, teaching job.”

McCutcheon lived in the gym. When not coaching basketball, he was a physical education teacher at Santa Maria High and later Hancock.

“Bob can rest in peace,” said Bill Bertka during a telephone interview Tuesday evening.

Bertka is also a Santa Maria basketball treasure having played with McCutcheon on the Golden Dukes. Bertka coached Hancock College to its first state championship (1957) before embarking on a lengthy career with the Los Angeles Lakers for whom, at age 86, he still works full time as the Special Assistant to the General Manager 

“I first met Bob when I came to Santa Maria to play for the Golden Dukes,” said Bertka.

Their friendship continued for decades.

“Bob made a substantial contribution to the game of basketball — as a player, as a high school coach and as a college coach,” said Bertka. “Anyone who has ever known him has benefited from that relationship.”

McCutcheon coached at Hancock from 1966 through 1979, compiling a record of 261-155. When he left the Hancock program, McCutcheon was the school’s all-time leader in coaching victories.

Bob White took over the Hancock program and later passed McCutcheon on the career victories list.

“His career transcends all of basketball in the Santa Maria Valley and he meant a lot to the game,“ said White, who played for McCutcheon at both SMHS and AHC. “He built a legacy at Santa Maria High and continued the legacy at Hancock. He did things the right way and his teams were built like machines.”

“He was a great person and a great friend, a great teammate and a great player. Bob will be sorely missed,” said another legendary Golden Duke Madison Stanford. “He played against the best and more than held his own.”

“When we were kids, we’d go to Joe White’s house and all the old Dukes were there,” said Randy Stanford — Madison’s son and the assistant football coach at Valley Christian Academy. “My dad’s right. He was a great guy, a strong Christian who was very willing to share his faith which I thought was fantastic.”

Nat Fast
1924 - 2013

Nathaniel Drugin Fast was born 10 August 1924 in Fresno, California, and passed away in Halcyon, California, on October 27, 2013.

Santa Maria Valley’s arts community and others were in mourning Tuesday as news spread about the death last weekend of award-winning Nat Fast, a beloved artist and respected man credited with being the father of the region’s art community.
“He was a tremendous human being as well as a tremendous artist,” said Rebecca Alarcio, director of public affairs and publications for Hancock College, where Fast taught full time for 18 years and then part time after retiring in 1982.
Fast was in his late 80s. The cause of death was not immediately known.
A founder of the Santa Maria Arts Council, Fast had a long list of awards and honors. He was recently named Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year. The Santa Barbara County Arts Commission also presented him with the “Leadership in the Arts Award.”
How beloved was he?
The Santa Maria Valley Children’s Discovery Museum declared the last Sunday of each January as “Nat Fast Day.”
“He was a pillar of the community, and in more ways than art,” said Virginia Perry Souza, who first encountered Fast as a student at Santa Maria High School in the 1960s and again when she attended Hancock College.
Nancy K. Johnson credits Fast with introducing her and her husband to art during a class at Hancock, and said the three of them later explored the world of art with travels to Japan, Mexico, Egypt, Greece and elsewhere.
“He was a delightful person, very interested in everything and everyone,” she said.
The Santa Maria Arts Council also mourned his loss in a statement on its website.
“The arts community is saddened by this loss of a man who’s passion for art was matched only by his love of people who created art … from stage to visual mediums.”

Alarcio said Fast’s daughter, Marti, the college’s longtime gallery director and fine arts faculty member, is planning a “public celebration of his life. Details were not immediately available. However, Marti said her father’s wishes were that in lieu of flowers, donations should be made to the PCPA Foundation or the Santa Maria Arts Council Trust Fund (P.O. Box 5, Santa Maria CA 93456), Alarcio said. Fast is nationally known for his watercolors that feature the look of a fast brushstroke which admirers say imbues his paintings with a feeling of action.
“I drew all my life, but didn’t start formal art studies until I was 25,” he told the Santa Maria Times in 2005. “My mother studied art and I used to draw with her as long as I can remember.”
But Fast almost didn’t become an artist.
In 1948, after serving in the Navy, he went to San Jose State to become a CPA, with a minor in art. Within a semester, he became an art major with a minor in accounting.
“I never turned back,” Fast told an audience last March attending a session of FAST ART, a monthly session he had started three years prior to discuss various aspects of the world of art.
From 1955 to 1982, he taught at Santa Maria and Righetti high schools before joining Hancock College as a sabbatical replacement for George Muro.
Fast claimed he didn’t start selling his work until 1975, when he had shows at the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose and at Hancock.
“Then I started to sell, mostly watercolors, but life drawing, too, in conté crayon,” he said.
Today, his art can be found in many locations. Sousa said the walls of her office at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management boast some of his work; Johnson said she has half a dozen paintings on her walls at home.
“He was a beautiful human being, an amazing guy,” said Hancock College’s Alarcio. “(He was) instrumental in the early formation of the fine arts department there, where he taught art history, drawing, watercolor and serigraphy. It’s difficult to think of the arts community without him.”

Nathaniel Durgin Fast touched the lives of countless others through his teaching, art, and love of people. Nat died quickly and gracefully in Halcyon, California, on October 27, 2013, surrounded by his large and loving family. He is survived by his older brother, Dr. Thomas N. Fast; ex-wife and mother of their children, Marcia M. Fast; his six children, Marti, Natalyn, Thomas, Marcianne, Suzanna, and Sam, and their spouses; nine grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. http://santamariatimes.com/

Bill Lapp

Bill Lapp attended St. Mary's Grammar School and Santa Maria High School for his first two years then moved to Lemoore, CA.
At Christmas time in 1957 he was involved in a terrible drag racing accident in which he was severely injured and two boys were killed.
Bill is currently living at Oak Knoll Haven in Santa Maria with around the clock care givers. He must be fed through a feeding tube. Bill is on Facebook and I assume his care givers make the entries.
Bill was a strong, handsome boy who was an excellent swimmer.
What a very sad story.
Here is a picture of Bill with his younger sister Jeanie.

From Gordon Langenbeck

Nancy Flint asked about Kathy Mesquit...
Today I talked to both Kathy Mesquit and James "Calhoun" Wilson.    
James got sidetracked from coming to the reunion as he had some major sewer pipe issues that happened on the Friday of the reunion.  
He belongs to a flying club and I talked to him at the airport.  He said to tell all that he will be there in 2018.    

Called Kathy Mesquit in Houston and got a bad number.  
After some detective work found out she and her husband, who is a sculpturer moved three years ago from Houston to Warner Spring, CA., 
which is in San Diego County.  Talked to her husband and found out Kathy was in Ventura looking after her mother who will soon be 93.  
Just talked to her and she seems fine.  
Although we have her correct e-mail address she had not looked at it and was totally unaware of the reunion. Have send the class pictures to her husband's e-mail since he looks at his machine. Says she will now stay in touch.

Nancy (Flint) Scott

Hi everyone,

Thanks for including me as a member of the 1958 graduating class.  It was such fun to go through the pictures.  I remember so many names.  I attended St. Mary’s Grammar School with Mike Fitzgerald, Karen Tobron, Susie Verdugo, Mike Ardantz, Dwayne Wood.  Did Tony Cossa go to St. Mary’s?  In my freshman year my buddies were Judy Huston, Susie Verdugo, Trina Munk, Rosalee Vertrees and Susie Carroll from the reunion pictures.  I missed seeing Marita Neiggemann.  My brother, Kim Flint, was engaged to Susie Holbrook at one time.  Whatever happened to Kathy Mesquit?  We had a few fun slumber parties at her house. 

Gordon, you are truly amazing for tracking everyone and their status.

I did not attend the Oakland High School reunion this year but in October I’m meeting up with 4 others friends from my graduating class in Washington DC.

All the best to everyone,
Nancy (Flint) Scott

From Gay LaRue

Since we just completed our 55th reunion and I am in a mood for reminiscing, I decided to take a look at all the chats over the years. I came across the article about Ken Milo. I was in his class at El Camino when he first came to town. In fact, I was in his class in the afternoon and Miss Kronsnabel's class in the morning. As all of us Class of 58ers remember, at El Camino, we were actually in the same class and just switched teachers midday. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone knows what happened to Miss Kronsnabel (whose first name I absolutely do not remember). We had little orange and black beanies - "Kronsnabel Kids." I still have mine!
Gay LaRue

From Gordon Langenbeck

Mack Petty didn't make it to our reunion, but Gordon found this picture out on the internet.

Dr. Of Oncology at Wake Forest University in NC.

From John Rudometkin

Thanks to all of you for the biggest signed card I ever received. It looked like every one had a good time.
I'm doing ok--hanging in there! Carolyn, fortunately has a lot of energy to keep it all together, with some help.
Many blessings to all of you.
Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. Rudo


I sent Roy Imamura a note telling several had asked about him and that we missed seeing him at the reunion.
He replied with the following note:

Miller Street, was a long time ago.  I attended 5th and 6th grade there after transferring from Guadalupe system; so I remember Mr. Pike and Mr. Pattern.  Larry was the star athlete in 6th grade as I recall. I remember Manuel (left handed? ) and the others.

Currently, I am still working on international architectural/ site planning projects in Malaysia, Indonesia and China.  I am still with the SWA Group and currently in our Sausalito office, we have 4 offices in California, two in Texas and one in Shanghai with offshoot office in Dubai; check us out on the web when you have a chance ( http:// swagroup.com ) or just click SWA Group.

My second passion is salmon fishing and the season has been pretty good here in the San Francisco ocean area near the Farallon Islands and the shipping lanes just outside the Golden Gate.  Been out there a few times this year with some good luck.

My wife ( Olivia ) and I were on a cruise recently up in Canada and the East Coast, which was nice; our daughter Susan is a medical doctor practicing in San Jose and doing fine

Sorry, to have missed the reunion, thanks you a lot for the email, really appreciate the memories of those days


Richard Villegas passed away... See Obituaries

Received the following note from Paula Hendrickson... Gordon contacted her regards her request for information about Maureen Grey Williams.

Hi, I was looking for information for Maureen Grey William, and saw Jerry Jo's name as on the truant list.
Geraldine Joanne Kaba was a friend of mine and I am sad to say that she died in 1974.
Her married name was Morrisey.

Raymond Lopez passed away... See Obituaries