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50th Class Reunion a Hugh Success! 
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Gordon Langenbeck is maintaining a class list of about 280, with 63 deceased. Amazingly, Gordon has been able to find addresses or phone numbers for everyone except about 20.
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From Mack Petty
I want to give you an update about a recent disaster relief trip I took to Haiti.
In mid September I received an e-mail from Medical Teams International (MTI) asking if I could participate in a disaster relief trip to Haiti. Hurricanes Hannah and Ike caused terrible flooding, destruction, and loss of life and sickness.

I volunteered and joined the couple, Joe and Linda Markee, who have been working part time in Haiti for 20 years. The team proper was also made up of 4 volunteers: a pediatrician, two nurses, and me. It was just the right combination of people to effectively care for every person who came. All had been on multiple trips. The pediatrician, Joe Herbert had a great time rooming together. (Joe also plays violin in a Hispanic Mariachi band. He's 6'1", and blue-eyed. He says his standard reply to the question, " Why are you in this band", is "My parents are Mexican!")

We went to a small community of Terre Blanche, which is 12 miles from and higher than Gonaives. So Terre Blanche was not affected. Gonaives, the third largest town in Haiti, was 80% destroyed. Gonaives is about 6 hours north of Messallier, the town John Craig has arranged for people from Hope and Redeemer Presbyterian Churches to do short term missions.

Rain from the hurricanes just inundated Gonaives. It flooded the city. Many of the survivors stood on the tops of their roofs of second story houses. They threw ropes down to bring people onto their roofs. Many stood on their roofs, waist high in water for three days before the water receded. When it receded it left 4 feet of mud throughout the city. The two major hospitals were out of commission...quite a mess.

We ended up seeing over 2000 patients in the three weeks we were there. From the above, as you might guess, we saw large amounts of malaria, severe gastritis, aches, pains, itching all over, skin problems such as scabies and fungal infections.

Often children would be brought in by adults who were not their parents. We found that often the parents didn't survive the flooding. One couple brought a neighbor child in to be checked. They were the orphaned child's neighbors. When asked why they took the child in, they said, "We are obliged." That was the practical attitude of most everyone here. They did what needed to be done.

We brought our own food and medications and had everything we needed. In the evening we would make packs of medicines for quick dispensing. For severe gastritis we made a pack of antacids, acid blockers, and antibiotics, 32 pills in all, - a real shotgun approach! but it worked.

We had some infants and children with chronic malnutrition. Joe Herbert, our pediatrician, diagnosed one child with Kwashiokor, severe protein deficiency, in which a child looks puffy and is very weak. After two weeks of high protein, he returned to health, bright eyed and active.

I did most of the surgical things. We had one boy who chopped of the ends of two fingers with a Machete. I fashioned  two skin grafts and Joe and I sowed them on. They worked successfully.

We also had a young, and very small lady come in in labor. She had had one child, and another two by caesarean section. The baby's head came out with a fatal deformity called anencephaly. And the baby was dead. The rest of the body would not come out. I was slowly able to deliver the baby from below without hurting the mom. Her brother was so happy she survived that he started crying.

Before we left the pastor of the little church affiliated with this little clinic said, "The people of our church will never forget this medical team."

Have a good day,  Bill

With great sadness we learned Priscilla Calvin Cramer passed away. At the reunion we became aware how sick Priscilla was... and she was in our prayers. Priscilla was so happy she made it to the reunion and was excited that she was able to have her picture taken with all of us.   

Here is the list of those who were in attendance at the 50th Reunion!

Rita Amador   Mike Ardantz    Diana Averbeck (Ronaye Downy)    Rachel Avila   Evelyn Azevedo   Katy Bailey   Keith Baker    Ed Baldiviez     Annamae Barca   Janice Barca   Barbara Battles   Bob Bingham   Livio Bognuda    Al Bohl       Barbara Borgas  Keith Brandon   Josephine Brewer  Rose Mary Brown   Norma Burrage    Bernice Butler  Priscilla Calvin    Susie Carroll    Susan Cobb   JoAnn Collier   Tony Cossa    Bill Covarrubias   Jerry Dean (Absher)   John Dewey   Don Drenon   Joe Duran   Barney Eames   Sharon Elam  Shirley Elmore   Allen Evans   Jeanette Ferini    Espie Ferrell   Sally Fesler   Mike FitzGerald   Henry Flores  Don Freitas   Jan Froom   Sue Gaydon     Ruth Guerrero   Richard Hart   Jerry Hicks   Susie Holbrook   Judy Huston    Anne Jordan   Mike Klistoff    Freddie Krause   Gordon Langenbeck   Norma Lansford  Virginia Lara   Bill Lawson   Manual Lopez    Jim Maeno   Carol Martinez    Stella Martinez   Charlie McDougal   Carl McKenzie   Kay McKenzie  Sandra Mounts   Trina Munk    Marita Neiggeman   Carol Olsen   Sylvester Orosco   Manual Palato  Rosemarie Renna    Irene Renteria (Tony's widow)   Jean Rubel    John Rudometkin   Ron Ruskauff    Don Sanchez   Tom Sheen   Monna Sheffield   George Sigala    Ed Silveria   Joe Simas   Peggie Simas   Gordon Smith   Ron Souza   RL Thomas   Randy Tognazzini     Pat Tognetti    Erlene Vartanian   Rosalee Vertrees   James Wilson   Dwayne Wood   Joan Yanagabashi    Juanita Zepeda    Russ Zierman

Friday Night Only...
Rosie Ballesteros 
    Shirley Bohl     Margaret Flores  Larry Knight    John Leon    Jim Meadows   David Pierotte  

Apparently quite a few of you have visited the classof58.org web site. Checking the hit statistics I see that from July 1st until today August 16, there were 1326 hits. On July 6th there were 102 hits and August 15th  97 hits... with an average of 28 hits per day.  I hope you found the site enjoying.  Jan 

From Barbara Battles

        1st day-kindergarten - BARBARA BATTLES  JOHNNY BETTIGA

From Eugene Bonebright

Great to be a part of a bunch of old people.  We have 8 grandkids from 21 to 1 so we have to stay young.  I have made 27 trips to Jamaica, with many more to come. I am an educational missionary to Jamaica with a big program coming soon.

dr gene

08/06/2008 Mack is in Africa volunteering his expertise... I asked if he'd share his experiences with us.
From Mack Petty

Hi Class of "58!
I really wanted to join you this year. A friend who is an obstetrician at a hospital in
Mali (western Africa) and his family needed to get home after working 24 hours per day
seven days a week for almost a year. Hard to believe! These younger people just
aren't made of the same stuff that we are! Just joking. I don't know how he does it.
So I am here for 6 weeks.
Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world. It's only claim to fame is that
it is where Timbuktu is located. Despite it being quite poor the people are friendly
and there is no violent crime here. Amazing.
Twins are quite common here. Because they tend to stay longer, the post partum
ward has twins in about every third bed with their mom. It is quite a strange sight.
There are a pair of giant turtles at the house I'm staying in. The male must weigh
over 100 pounds. Last year I found that the male would get under Dan's car at night
and sleep under the engine.  Last year a couple of times I had to use my foot to push him
out from under the car.
This year I forgot to check under the car. One evening I backed into the garage.
The next morning I was in a bit of a hurry and as I drove out my rear axle high centered
on something! I had a sinking feeling. So I got out and looked. I had the turtle
pinned under the real axle! So I backed up and he scooted out, apparently not hurt.
One day at the clinic I had two little children avoid me and look suspiciously at me...
more than others who are curious about these white skinned people. One of the people
here said that some people tell their children, "Be good or a white person will come
and take you away!" (Must have originated in the slave trade days)
Things are different but always interesting!. 
Have a wonderful time! at the reunion!
Mack Petty 

08/11/2008  From Mack Petty

Hi from Mali,
The weather here is down to hot and humid. That is probably a common experience in August! Hope
you are doing well.
We have had 5 caesarean sections the last three days. The patients are kept for seven days after the
surgery before they are discharged. This is to ensure that they will get a significant time of recovery.
Otherwise, they are often expected to start functioning fully when they return. It feels so good to be 
able to just put the patient's best interest into patient management. 
There was one woman here who had a cancer operation before I arrived here. No removal was possible
and we checked but could not find any appropriate chemotherapy for her in the city. She was in the
hospital slowly recovering for about 12 day, when she came to faith. She asked hospital workers to
pray with her through the night. The next night she died. That decision was more important than anything
we could have done for her.
Have a wonderful day!

08/30/2008  From Mack Petty

Hello from Mali,

Things continue to go well here. You may wonder what I do here.  Five days a week we have clinics during the day. I have a translator who translates Bambara to French. I struggle with French anyhow, especially with the local accent. I did have a French English translator. We learned medical terms together.
There are two physicians learning obstetrics and gynecology. 
They are becoming quite proficient. But I supervise, explain, and demonstrate on all the difficult things
This last two weeks we had a lady who had a dangerous tumor of her placenta which we removed. And then a lady for whom we performed a radical hysterectomy for a cervical cancer. We average about 10 operations a week. This last 36 hours we had 6 caesarean sectionsa and a lady with a large abscess in her pelvis 3 weeks after delivery which we removed. Did I sleep like a log after that!!!
About 10% of women die relating to childbirth in this country. So the services of this hospital are great.
I wonder if Charles Darwin might have come up with a different theory If he had come here rather than the Galapagos Islands!
We had a sweet thing happen this week. A couple brought their 3 month old back to the hospital to show the midwifes and staff how well she is doing. She had a difficult start in life and needed care for one month.
They are not Christians but they said they want their daughter to be a Christian. So they are taking her to church. And they say that she is understanding! "And a little child shall lead them!" Amen.
If you'd like to see the hospital, it has a website www.koutialahospital.org. It is a short website with only a couple of tabs. I leave soon.
My best,

Jeanette talked to Mr. Patton our Miller Street School Principal and 6th grade teacher today.
He is going to try and make it Saturday night so he can see the Miller St. "kids" and have his picture taken with us.

From: Bob Butler
Sorry to say I am not going to make it this year. I'm sure all of you will be having a great  time. I'll be thinking of all of you on the 2nd. Hope you can send a thought to me also. Regards to all classmates and teammates. Go 1958 Saints. 
Bob Butler, Wenatchee, Wa  

When Gordon isn't tracking down lost classmates...  

GLangenbeckFish.jpg (79618 bytes) Just to show you I do other things, caught this 10 pound trout and another one the same size on Monday on Upper Klamath Lake.  Hard to believe but I lost a fish that was quite a bit bigger than both the 10 pound fish.  Im frowning because I had just lost the HUGE trout before this picture.

From Jim Welch
Dear Class of 58,  I will not be able to attend as our grandson has planned a large formal wedding on the same day as the class reunion. There will be 500 attending but he would still miss us and we would not think of not being a part of his big day.  I had promised Don Sanchez that I would not miss this year but it is not  going to happen.  I have special memories of my junior year at Santa Maria High and the sock hops, and assemblies, playing guitar with the Johnny Perry Orchestra and with Mike Ryan, R.L.Thomas and Don and Louie in the combo, and my year with the Saints Marching Band.  My year of music and fun in Santa Maria was so special to me. I ended up going to UCLA, the University of Miami and the University of Hawaii for radio and television studies but my heart was often with my friends at Santa Maria. So very special.  My life since then has been with television and one of the series called NatureScene that took me to all fifty states and several foreign countries. You can read more about it on SCETV.org.  Thanks for including me as part of your class. Due to my fathers illness I had to return to Vermont and finished my senior year there.  Last month we held our 50th reunion in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was hard to recognize anyone without the name tags that included our senior photos.  Best wishes to all, Jim.

From Roy Imamura
I received the second notice in mail regarding the big affair, but unfortunately, I am in China from July 27th thru Aug 7th.  Unlike most of the class, I am still working.  Please give my regards to all,  just sorry I cannot attend.  I am sure everyone will have a good time after all these years.  Seems like only yesterday when we all left Saintville.

From Gay LaRue
Unfortunately, we will not be attending this years event.  I really wanted to come, but we are in the midst of a major remodel to our house, and things are a bit tight right now especially time-wise.  We are scheduled to be in the last stages right at the time of the reunion, and we need to be here.  Please pass on my well wishes to all who attend, I will definitely miss seeing our old friends.

Just wanted to include the latest picture of my honey Ronnie fishing at Lake Oroville at one of his fishing club's derby. 
    Monna (Sheffield) Ruskauuf
Click on picture to enlarge.

Invitations to our reunion have been mailed!. If you haven't received yours by now, e-mail Sally@Classof58.org or Jeanette@Classof58.org
Apparently these e-mail addresses haven't been working properly. If you wrote to either Sally or Jeanette recently, please try again.  And if you still don't get a response send me a note at

Hello Fellow '58 Grads!

Just a woeful note to tell you that I will not be attending our 50-year  Santa Maria High School class reunion because of previously-made plans. We will be in the Arctic Circle during July and August 2008. I have attended three or four other reunions and will have to miss this important one. I know it will be great!

My husband and I have been married for 47 years and are doing well. I retired from education - first as a high school computer teacher, then as an Assistant Principal, and finally as the Director of Grant Writing and Implementation in my school district's office in Los Angeles county when I retired in 1995. My husband, too, is retired. He worked for the County of Los Angeles as an engineer for 37 years.

We have three children and five grandchildren, all located in Southern California who also are doing quite well and keep us well-occupied.

Also keeping us occupied are our interests in traveling. Over the last 25 years we have traveled to over 75 countries via train, plane, bus, ship, and plain old hiking. A year ago we went to Antarctica for three weeks. What an experience! This July and August we will be in Alaska for three weeks, traveling up to Barrow-the northernmost town in the U.S.A.

When we are not on the road traveling, we are involved with our genealogy, our family history. We each have been President of our genealogy society and last year we published the 605-page book of our families' heritage which is 
now in over 150 libraries across the county.

I still keep in contact with my very dear Santa Maria High School friends-Rosie (Motta) Rybicki, Rosemarie (Renna) Thompson, Julia (Tagupa) Hopkins, Sharon (Hopkins) Silva, and JoAnn (Collier) Curtis. We hope to have a get-together for this 50 year momentous occasion.

I enjoy reading the webpage. I wish you all well and hope you have a great time at the reunion in August. I will be thinking of you.

Karen (Torbron) Ristic

The Reunion committee received the following letters just prior to the 40th reunion. Because we did not have a web site at that time... it wasn't possible to share them at that time. 
So today, 10 years late...  I'm going to post them.

    This letter brings little joy in that my wife, Olga Buss Clark will not be attending of "58" reunion.  On the 19th of January this year, Olga died of complications following a much needed operation. She looked forward to the reunion so much. She had a great and wonderful time at her last one.   
   I have included a late picture of Olga, taken last year in August.

     Bill Clark

   It is with heart felt grief that I must inform you that my dear friend Vincent "Happy" Martone died on February 23, 1988 of Aids. My loss is devastating, but the real loss is to all humanity of which Happy was a living example of a man, sweet and gentle who practiced his Christian values as opposed to just preaching them. Gold Bless His Soul.

J. Steven Stewart

In tracking down lost classmates, we never know what's going to turn up. Sally sent us some obituary clippings and among them was an article about the Hippy Priest, Richard York; Yes... Richard York from our class. Today Gordon came up with a another newspaper clipping we'd like to share with you.
Unfortunately Richard passed away in 1994; see his obituary from the Hippy Priest article.

Fonda, center, looks at her husband, Tom Hayden, as they chat with friends following their free-form wedding ceremony in Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 21, 1973. Rev. Richard York, right, performed the marriage. At Fonda's left is her brother, Peter Fonda, with guitar. Some 100 friends sang Vietnamese songs and read poetry while a friend of the couple, Steve Jaffe, made this informal wedding portrait. (Photo: AP)

Well we've hearing from classmates... and I'd like to share this one from Ralph "R.L." Thomas.  
He says he and his wife Kathy are planning to attend the reunion. 
If you can't read the text, click on it and it should bring it up to the full original size.

I'm Ellen (Huddleston) Wakefield, class of 1957. I'd love to hear from any of my high school friends from the class of 1958. Quite a number of you were in the band. (I already have other plans for the weekend of your reunion.) My address is elwake at jeffnet.org

From Lois Houghton Link
Hi all,
Just a bit of an update.  My husband Terry and I have retired from the B and B business and have moved a
mile from the French village where we lived for 16 years.  We bought a country place on four acres along
side a river several years ago with several apartments for vacationers in the old marble-cutting 
workshop and a mill house in need of a complete renovation.  Renovations finished, we are now in the
house, gardening, hiking and getting used to the idea of being retired.  Summer isn't a vacation time for
us, so we won't be at the 50th reunion, but it is really nice to hear what everyone is doing.  
New address:  Lois Link, Domaine de Berges, av de la Montagne Noire, 11160 Caunes-Minervois. France.
I have Lois' e-mail address if you want to contact her... ask me at Chat@Classof58.org