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08/19/03 19:34
Hello classmates. I've enjoyed being in contact with you all on the web
site. This was the second class reunion that I had to missed since our
graduation. I understand a wonderful time was had by all. Many thanks
to those who constantly work to put it together. I look forward to the
50th. We still live in Santa Maria and Glenn (Class of 56) has been
retired for several years and I will retire from the Santa Maria Bonita
School District this Oct. Thanks to Jan for all his effort in creating
this web page, the pictures and keeping us in touch with one another. 
Our best to all of you. Stay healthy.
Janice Barca Battles

08/17/03 11:43
Here is one more note for you. You may recall that my father was a math teacher at Santa Maria High for many years. My mother reminded me last week that he used to say that classes came in sort of like crops - some years were better than others. He always said that the class of 58 was an exceptional "crop" - I often wondered if he was spoofing since that obviously was MY class. However, after last week's experience I am convinced that he was absolutely right. We are a great group, and I am proud to be a part of it. Thanks once more. Gay LaRue

08/16/03 21:48
I had a marvelous time at the reunion last week. So many thanks and kudos to Jeannette, Sally, and all the people who worked hard to make it a success. And, many thanks to Jan Froom for getting us all connected via the internet over the past couple of years. Since I have lived so far from California for so many years, I had almost totally lost contact with Santa Maria friends. I really missed the people who didn't make it - hope they will be there next time.

I truly don't know when I have had so much fun - and can't wait for number 50. We'll see you there Freddie!

Y'all come on down and see us some time!!

Gay LaRue
119 Linden Avenue
Hampton, VA 23669

08/16/03 13:24
HI classmates of great 58. I enjoy coming to first union seeing old friends. Sorry that I stay away so long. Hoping to see you all next reunion. I hear that maybe El Camino reunion maybe happen? God bless you all Frank Gonzales

08/15/03 21:50
Hi to all you wonderful hardworking classmates !

This should probably have many more names to send it to.

You all did a great job, and I for one cant thank you enough for putting it all together. We are all very lucky to have such dedicated friends who made this reunion once again "A VERY SPECIAL TIME TO REMEMBER".

Every time we get together, I remember how my arrival in Santa Maria California from Germany will always be a highlight in my life. Every one treated me so nice without even knowing me. There will always be B.S.M. before Santa Maria and my life in Germany, my new life in Santa Maria, MNLISM and the years following my leaving Santa Maria.

I will always cherish your friendships then and now. I hope that we will have a chance to meet again for our 50th.


Freddie Krause

08/14/03 19:19
It is real cool to be connected with Class of "58". God willing I will be at the next reunion.
Mason Dale Hollingsworth

08/14/03 14:52
I started trying to find out what happen to Richard York and now I think he is dead. Below is a quote I found on the Internet. At one time Richard York was a minister in Berkeley, CA.

The Bishops authorizing my ordinations, Francis Eric Bloy and C. Kilmer Myers, have both died, so have the preachers at those celebrations, Henry Shires, my seminary’s Professor of New Testament, and Richard York, Co-Pastor of the Free Church of Berkeley. Lots happens in thirty years!

Our Richard L. York did indeed graduate from the Episcopal Seminary in 1967 and went to the Free Church of Berkeley. I have looked at the SS Death Records and there are 6 Richard York's who were born between 1938 and 1941. I had looked in about every spot in Google and I cannot find any other information.

In the California Death Index there is a Richard Lyle York who was born on 3/16/1940 and died at age 54 on 12/26/94 in Alameda County.
It was the only Richard L. York in the list and I last had him located in Berkeley which is in Alameda County.
Think you can list him in the RIP file.

Gordon Langenbeck
2290 Rogue River Highway
Grants Pass, OR 97527
Tel: (541) 479-0851

08/14/03 09:40
Houghton1.jpg (32286 bytes)
Barbara Battles Jordan.

08/14/03 05:53
Hi to all,

I felt very fortunate to be able to attend the Friday night gathering and very disappointed that I was not able to stay for Saturday nights festivities. It seems that I am never around during the "photo" sessions! However, I was able to take pictures of several of you who were there Friday night which will be in my personal scrapbook. I thought the committee did an excellent job of bringing us all together and my heartfelt thanks to all of you.

It was great to walk into the reception room and hear someone holler my name (without me having to introduce myself), thanks Sally!

It was a delight to walk up to Susie (Carroll) and have her remember that we both had our "first kiss" with each other and to speak with Manual Palato with whom I have many "foster home" memories.

I would welcome any and all communication from any of you and any time. My contact information is below:

Ken Graham
309 S. Fayetteville Ave.
Dunn, NC 28334

08/13/03 17:56
Hi Everybody,
I missed the reunion because I am recovering from a stroke I suffered on January 2, 2002. The stroke was due to a heart aneurysm discovered when I was taken to the hospital. I do not have cardiovascular disease which normally causes strokes & heart attacks. The neurologist stated that having the stroke probably saved my life because an aneurysm usually burst and there is sudden death. My stroke was considered a small cerebellar one, but the cerebellum controls balance and co-ordination. The effects of the stroke has been some impairment of fine motor movements of the right hand and leg. Since I was a dentist, I have subsequently sold my practice since there was no way that I could continue to practice dentistry. I, fortunately, have disability insurance and each day is spent doing physical & occupational therapy. I had to have open heart surgery in February to repair the heart aneurysm. It was obviously very successful and I have no restrictions cardiovascularly. Since I was a health nut prior to all this, it was a real shock to everyone who knew me. I feel really good and it will take time to get back to normal. I should be snow skiing, etc. probably not this coming season, but the following for sure.
I, God willing, will be at the next reunion. 
You can contact me by email Dr. Jim Maeno <jmaeno@pacbell.net> or feel free to call me at 408 735-9122. I live in Sunnyvale, CA.
Best Regards,

08/13/03 11:11
I received a note from Dale Hollingsworth's sister Doreene (class of 60), who married Freddie Stettler from our class, and was at the reunion. She asked that I have Sally add Dale's address to our mailing list so he will be notified of our next reunion. But what I really wanted to share.... is that Doreene & Freddie are celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary this year. Pretty Cool huh?  Congratulations Doreene & Freddie!

Jan Froom

08/12/03 05:37
Since I suggested the forum guess I should use it. First off many thanks to Tony Cossa, Jeanette Lenger, Sally Hamill and you for all of your efforts in putting together a very successful reunion.

Sorry to see that so many with some very, very weak excuses failed to attend-their loss. Hard to believe especially for those from the Santa Maria area that they couldn't get out the door and part with $40. Heck it only happens once every five years.

Would like to know if anybody has any accurate status on how Jim Maeno is progressing? Thanks in advance.


Gordon Langenbeck
2290 Rogue River Highway
Grants Pass, OR 97527
Tel: (541) 479-0851

08/11/03 19:33
Gordon Langenbeck suggested we create some sort of chat page. A chat room will cost us money and a forum creates lots of chatter that some of you probably don't want. So instead,  I suggest we try just a post it page. You can send an e-mail to Chat@Classof58.org and I'll post your note on this page.  What do you think?  
Jan Froom