50th Reunion of the SMUHS Class of 1958
August 2nd, 2008

Group pictures were taken by Joe Davila Photography of Santa Maria, and copies can be ordered from their web site: www.JoeDavila.com
Click on Class of 1958 SMHS.  Joe did a wonderful job of taking our pictures and it was nice to have our copies available that very evening.

Santa Maria Union High School Class of 1958

Richard Hart, Barney Eames, Joe Simas, Manuel Palato, Carl McKenzie, Jim Maeno, Mike Ardantz, Charles McDougal

Barbara Battles, Janice Barca, Gordon Smith, Jerry Dean, Keith Brandon, Gordon Langenbeck, Alan Evans, Tony Cossa, Mike Fitz-Gerald, Manuel Lopez

James Wilson, John Rudometkin, Bill Covarrubias, Sharon Elam, Dian Averbeck, Dwayne Woods, John Dewey,  Russ Zierman, George Sigala, Sylvester Orosco, Ronnie Souza, Randall Tognazzini, Freddie Krause, Ron Ruskauff, Keith Baker, RL Thomas, Don Sanchez, Don Freitas

Mike Kilstoff, Bob Bingham, Ana Mae Barca, Susan Cobb, Margaret Flores, Kaite Bailey, Julia Tagupa, Barbara Borges, Virginia Serna, Espie Ferrell, Kay McKenzie, Trina Munk, Carol Olsen, Judy Huston, Evelyn Azevedo, Jean Collier, Norma Burrage, Susie Carrol, Ann Jordon, Joan Yanagibashi, Mona Sheffield, Ed Baldivez, Shirley Bohl, Tom Sheen

Susie Holbrook, Juanita Zepeda, Stell Martinez, Rita Amador, Rachel Avila, Norma Lansford, Shirley Elmore, Rosemarie Renna, Marita Neiggerman, Sandra Mounts, Sue Gaydon, Bernice Butler, Pat Tognetti, Rosemary Brown, Pricilla Calvan, Erlene Vartanian

Bill Lawson, Don Frenno, Jan Froom, Jean Rubel, Carol Martinez, Sally Fesler, Jeanette Ferini, Rosalee Vertrees, Josephine Brewer, Joe Duran

El Camino Junior High

Gordon Smith, Livio Bognuda, George Sigala, Jan Froom, Gordon Langenbeck, Sylvester Orosco, Charles McDougal, Jean Rubel, Tony Cossa

Tom Sheen, Joan Yanagibashi, Katie Bailey, Jim Maeno, Bill Lawson, Tina Munk, Richard Hart, Don Sanchez, Ron Ruskauff, Shirley Bohl, Joe Duran

Susie Holbrook, Sharon Elam, Barbara Battles, Ann Jordon, Bill Covarrubias, Manuel Lopez, Keith Baker, Carl McKenzie, Manuel Palato, Jerry Dean, Susan Carol, Shirley Elmore, Bob Bingham, Henry Flores, Norma Burrage, Carol Olson, Sue Gaydon, Bernice Butler

Priscilla Calvin, Espie Ferrell, Rosalee Vertrees, Rita Amador, Rachel Avila, Margaret Flores, Sandra Monk, Evelyn Azevedo, Norma Lansford, Rosemarie Renna, Jeanette Ferini, Erlene Vartanian, Barbara Borges.



Don Freitas
Ron Sousa
Tina Munk
Jim Maeno

Livio Bognuda
Pat Tognetti
Sally Fesler
Evelyn Azevedo
Sandi Mounts

Bonita, Blockman, Los Alamos, Casmelia & Fairlawn Schools

George Sigala
Tom Sheen
Jerry Dean (Absher)

Shirley Elmore
Norma Lansford
Sue Gaydon
Norma Burrage

Cook Street School

Allen Evans
Sylvester Orosco
Carol Martinez
Mike Ardantz
Stella Martinez
Bob Bingham
Shirley Elmore

Juanita Zepeda
Sue Gaydon
Virgina Serna
Kay McKenzie

Guadalupe School


Ann Jordan
Charlie McDougal
Don Sanchez
John Dewey
Richard Hart
Rosalee Vertrees
Gordon Langenbeck
Shirley Bohl

Barbara Borges
Sandra Mounts
Susie Holbrook
Sharon Elam
Erlene Vartanian
Jean Rubel

Main Street School


  Manuel Lopez
  Jan Froom
  Barbara Battles
  Gordon Smith
  Manuel Palato
  Mike Fitz-Gerald

  Joan Yanagibashi
  Katie Bailey
  Mr. Patten
  Jeanette Ferini
  Priscilla Calvin
  Sally Fesler

Miller Street School with Mr. Patten our 6th grade teacher & principal


James Wilson
Barney Eames
Anna Mae Barca

Janice Barca
Judith Huston
Jo Brewer
Norma Lansford

Orcutt Union School


Dwayne Wood
Mike Fitz-Gerald
Tony Cossa
Joe Simas
Manuel Palato
Mike Ardantz
Henry Flores
Ron Ruskauff

Ed Baldiviez
Julia Tagupa
Susan Carrol
Marita Neiggermann
Evelyn Azevedo
Diane Averbeck
Rose Mary Brown

Saint Mary School

Pictures below courtesy of Carolyn Fitz-Gerald and Freddie Krause!   

If you have pictures and would be willing to share them... please contact me at  chat@Classof58.org.

You can click on the picture for a large copy.


Freddie's Friday Night Pictures

P1020780.JPG (1823672 bytes) P1020781.JPG (2031395 bytes) P1020786.JPG (1848340 bytes)
Sally, Judy, ? Norma & ? P1020791.JPG (1828610 bytes) Gordon Smith, Jean Rubel ,  Alan Evans and spouses
Freddie Krause & Jan Froom Tom Sheen, Gordon Langenbeck & Tony Cossa Barney Eames  ?  ?  & Bob Bingham
P1020800.JPG (2110964 bytes) Mona Sheffield & Ron Ruskauff Manuel Palato & Charlie McDougal
P1020804.JPG (1912733 bytes) P1020805.JPG (2408337 bytes) Don Sanchez, Randy Tognazzini, Susan Cossa, & Carol Olson
Susan Cobb, Bill Lawson & wife P1020814.JPG (1996162 bytes) P1020815.JPG (1843697 bytes)
P1020818.JPG (2694537 bytes) P1020820.JPG (1893501 bytes) P1020821.JPG (1969436 bytes)
P1020822.JPG (1948583 bytes) Ed Baldiviez & Manuel Lopez P1020823.JPG (1965484 bytes)
P1020826.JPG (2758657 bytes) P1020825.JPG (1940668 bytes) P1020828.JPG (2675421 bytes)
James Wilson, Richard Villegas & Ron Ruskauff P1020833.JPG (2570049 bytes) P1020831.JPG (2157265 bytes)

Saturday Evening Pictures  
IMG_7015.JPG (3059328 bytes) Jeanette and Sally get everyone checked in      
IMG_7032.JPG (2625868 bytes) Jim Maeno
Mike Fitz-Gerald
James Wilson

IMG_7040.JPG (2775995 bytes)

John Rudometkin and Jim Maeno

IMG_7039.JPG (2518610 bytes) Mike Fitz-Gerald
Bill Lawson
Jim Maeno
P1020866.JPG (2782448 bytes)     P1020867.JPG (2301007 bytes)  
P1020871.JPG (2964366 bytes)     P1020870.JPG (2309040 bytes)  
P1020869.JPG (2500671 bytes)     P1020872.JPG (2701117 bytes)  
P1020874.JPG (3020256 bytes)     P1020875.JPG (2659941 bytes)  
P1020876.JPG (2234782 bytes)     P1020877.JPG (2952764 bytes)  
P1020879.JPG (2760455 bytes)     P1020878.JPG (2466023 bytes)  
P1020887.JPG (2116110 bytes)     P1020888.JPG (2457295 bytes)  
P1020889.JPG (3028560 bytes)     P1020890.JPG (2930119 bytes)  
P1020892.JPG (1939432 bytes)     P1020891.JPG (1983992 bytes)  
P1020893.JPG (2666179 bytes)     P1020895.JPG (2405971 bytes)  
P1020897.JPG (2449075 bytes)     P1020898.JPG (2459135 bytes)  
P1020899.JPG (1876597 bytes)     P1020900.JPG (3031313 bytes)  
P1020904.JPG (1932647 bytes)     P1020901.JPG (2533725 bytes)  
P1020903.JPG (2068234 bytes)     P1020873.JPG (2903620 bytes)  
P1020902.JPG (2569816 bytes)     P1020905.JPG (2848916 bytes)  
P1020907.JPG (3048252 bytes)     P1020910.JPG (2887842 bytes)  



                                                                                             Sunday Breakfast

IMG_7045.JPG (3488172 bytes)

Mike Fitz-Gerald
Sally Fesler Hamil
Jeanette Ferni Leger
Don Sanchez
James Wilson

IMG_7046.JPG (3420578 bytes)

Keith Baker
Jan Froom
Anna Mae Barca Beall
Mike Fitz-Gerald



Thank You

I think we all need to thank each other for attending... it was your attendance that made this such a memorable reunion

Thank You to all of those who traveled great distances to attend

Thank You to Gordon for finding so many of us who we had lost contact with

Thank You to Jeanette, Sally & Tony for pulling all this together

Thank You to Don Sanchez for the fun and great job of MCing our event

Thank You to all who brought or sent memorabilia to share

Thank You to Mr. Patten for coming to have his picture taken with the Miller Street School Kids

Thank You to Carolyn Fitz-Gerald and Freddie Krause for all the great pictures

Thank You for your kind comments regarding the web site... I appreciate your kind words