Scalable and Reliable T1 Services

LaunchNet T1 services allow businesses to cost-effectively scale bandwidth as their needs change. LaunchNet T1 and Bonded T1 services are designed to accommodate expanding businesses. We offer speeds ranging from 384Kb to 1.5Mb with prioritized data routing and robust service level guarantees. Adding bandwidth is simple and affordable with LaunchNet's bonding technology, which enables two of our 1.5 Mbps circuits to operate seamlessly as a 3.0 Mbps connection.


Full 1.5 Mb T1

per month

Samsung iBG1000

Offer Expires 5/30/2014


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Included in Account:

1 Static IP with NAT or 5 Static IP addresses - More IP configurations available
20 POP email accounts each with 1000mb of storage plus web based access
Security- SPAM and Virus Protection
Service Guarantees - Service that meets mission-critical business needs.
We guarantee:
• Your service will be installed in 30 days or less.
• Your T1 service will have a 99.99% monthly uptime. One of the best SLA's in the business
• In the event of a service outage, we guarantee restoration within 4 hours.
Customer Service - Domestic support team available 24/7.
Professional Installation - Have your service installed right the first time.

Speed 1 Year Contract QoS
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
1.5 mbps $330 (MRC) Included $50.00 $150.00

LEVEL 3 High packet delivery. Example of use - Business Data applications such as storage area networking, application hosting
LEVEL 4 Low latency, low jitter. Example of use - Voice/data on a single circuit
LEVEL 5 Lowest possible jitter,lowest latency. Example of use - Dedicated real-time traffic, video conferencing


Samsung Ubigate iBG1000 T1 Router (data sheet)
The Samsung Ubigate iBG1000 T1 Router provides powerful performance at an affordable price, with four autosensing 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports, built-in firewall and VPN, and the flexibility to support converged data and voice networks. Note: You must have 10Base-T (Ethernet) network cards installed and working prior to arrival of the LaunchNet technician. LaunchNet does not install network cards during the installation process.

Service Level Agreements

At LaunchNet, we stand behind our promise of uncompromising quality by providing service level agreements (SLAs) on our business-class services. Our SLAs mean that you can focus on your business, not your Internet connection.

  • Fast installation time—If LaunchNet does not install your order within 30 calendar days of placing your order, you are eligible for a credit equal to 50% of your first month's service fees.
  • Service availability—We target monthly service availability of 99.99%. You will be eligible for a credit equal to one day of service for every hour of downtime beyond our target.
  • Time to repair—In the event of a service outage, we will restore your service within 4 hours. If we do not, you will be eligible for a credit equal to 10% of your monthly service fees.
  • Network delivery—Each month, LaunchNet targets to deliver successfully 99.9% of all data packets sent from your location. If we miss this target in a given calendar month, you will be eligible for a credit of up to 10% of your monthly service fee.
  • Network delay—LaunchNet targets to deliver all messages sent from your location to a LaunchNet-designated test point in a monthly average of 110 milliseconds for the round trip. You are eligible for a credit of up to 10% of your monthly service fees if we do not meet this monthly target.

IP Addressing

Select from the following standard IP options:

  • NAT (one external IP address and 254 usable private - easiest to set up)
  • Five static IP addresses

For an extra monthly fee, additional IP addresses are available:

Usable IPs Monthly Fee Setup Fee
1 w/ NAT, 254 usable private IP addresses included included
5 included included
13 $15 included
29 $20 included
61 $25 included
125 $30 included
253 $60 included

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